Why Social Media Should Be So Important To Your Business

24th April 2017

Social Media is where your customers are. It really is that simple.

An average person now spends more time using apps on their phone than watching TV.

Social networking and social media has grown beyond all expectation and continues to grow at an amazing rate. Facebook is leading the way in social media by a large margin. An incredible 1.1 billion users log in to Facebook every day. Facebook monthly users have grown from 1.86 billion to 1.94 billion between December 2016 and March 2017. That is a jaw-dropping rise of 80 million monthly active users, over a 3 month period on just one application.  And you have access to them all.

Social Media Accessing Customers

Every Small Business Now Has a Brand

Gone are the days of paper directories, where a nice logo and a quarter page ad were considered to be brand advertising. “Brand” used to be the promotion of products and services by companies who had big budgets and money to burn. Today “Brand” means the interaction between you and your customers. Social Media, whether it be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or any of the other major players enables you to build that relationship through interaction in the place that people now spend most of their free time.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon.

Social Media Allows you to Build Your Brand for Free

There has never been a time where there have been more, free promotional tools to build your business than right now.  You can create a business profile for your company on all the social media sites today at no charge. The business which is achieved through this route, is in digital marketing termed as “Organic”.

Social Media Training Customer Reviews

Customers Review Your Business on Social Media Before They Buy

In the past you might have asked your friends and family or the salesperson in the shop what product you should buy? Now your customers check your social media profile and reviews before purchasing. A stronger your online presence results in customers trusting you more and feeling more secure in making a purchase. This increased feel of validation, trust and security has a direct increase in sales, especially online sales.

Google and Social Media Love Local

If you have a small local business having an online presence is even more key to your success. Google, according to Alexa, is the most visited website in the world.  Google promotes businesses within their local area so make sure you claim your business on Google.

Social Media Courses Google Local Search

Local people also love sharing good experiences they have had with local businesses.  Your customers can help you promote your business by sharing their experiences on your social media accounts.

Twitter and Customer Service

More and more customers are turning to Twitter as a way of contacting Customer services. An honest, open and authentic dialogue with your customers can reap huge rewards. People want to know they can trust you. Trust comes from authenticity rather than perfection. Don’t be frightened to be honest with your customers. As long as you have their interests at the core of why, how and what you do, it will be to your businesses benefit.

Targeting the Right People

When a person creates a profile on Social Media they do so by logging some of their personal data. Data such as age, location, gender and what their likes and dislikes are all recorded. Social Media uses this data to ensure that people only see adverts that are relevant to them.  This targeting makes online advertising not only much more effective but also very affordable.

Social Media Courses - Know your Customers

Know Your Customers

If you choose to go down the route of paid ads Facebook claims to offer the best Return on Investment. If you are a small local gardening business then facebook can help you target local people with a garden. If your average customer is in their sixties then you can make sure only people in their sixties see your advert. The more you put into your social media profile the greater the data you will achieve about your customers. The more you know your customers the more effectively you can sell to them.

Whether your business is a local takeout store, tattoo parlour, gardening service or a specialist online shop one thing is an absolute truth; Your business will benefit from a strong social media presence.

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