Social Media: Building An Authentic Business

16th May 2017

To capture the hearts and minds of your customers you need to understand “Why?” they are or will become your customers.  The easiest way to understand why your customers come to you is to ask yourself the same fundamental question – “Why?”.  Why do I do what I do?  If you want to build an authentic business on Social Media then “Why?” is everything.

You might wonder why this matters?

Take a moment to think about why you buy from the companies you buy from. There might be a particular coffee shop you like to go to. Why that coffee shop and not the one two doors down? It might be because they offer freshly ground fairtrade coffee. The fact they believe in a fair deal might match your values. Invariably people buy from people. People buy from people and businesses who have the same values and believe in the same things they do.

Why choose us to deliver your social media?

Just ask Simon Sinek

The “Why” is a simple yet powerful question. Not just to boost your self motivation but also to help you position your business in the market. The question of “Why?” came from Simon Sinek and there is an amazing video you should watch.

Building Blocks to Success

If you understand why you do what you do then you have your first building block. Convert that understanding into a mission and suddenly your business has the second building block; heart and integrity. Of course this only happens if you are being honest with yourself and really believe what you say.  The third building block is to spread your message using the powerful tools that are Social Media.

Convey Your Message With Conviction.

Customers will always be the first people that pick on whether you truly believe in what you are selling, whether on Social Media or face to face. When asked I always say “I hate being sold to”. What I actually mean is that I can hear, see and tell when someone is working hard to persuade me. Or perhaps they are just trying to persuade themselves. It makes me feel uncomfortable. What I do buy is someone who enthuses about what they actually believe in.  When someone genuinely believes in what they say, they stop selling to you and start talking to you.  That’s when customers buy.

Social Media requires Consistency to Delivers results

Be Consistent With Everything You Do

It isn’t just what you say that makes you authentic. The words are just the very tip of the iceberg. Everything you do from the point where your customers are aware of your business right through to buying, aftercare and repeat business must all be consistent. Your message across all Social Media Sites must also be consistent. If you believe, then you live it and breath it and your customers will feel it.

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