Creating effective content for social media and digital marketing is all about relevancy and timing. It is about reaching out to customers in a way that will emotionally engage them with your content. If you create a photograph or a video that will inspire, make them laugh or make them look in awe then you have engaging effective content.

Should I choose Facebook or Google? We’ve established the starting point for our digital journey. We know who your customers are. You’ve even set your digital marketing goals you want to achieve. Now the decision is what channels do we use to reach our customers, to achieve these goals. Is Facebook the right path or [...]
Know Your Marketing Goals Before You Go Any Further What are your goals? “To get more customers and make more money obviously!” might be your immediate reply. Ultimately every business wants to be thriving and profitable. Whilst you may want to do a hard sell we must be aware that today’s customers are much more [...]
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