Creating Engaging Effective Content for Social Media and Digital Marketing

19th May 2017

Content Is King – Engage for Effective Content

Creating effective content for social media and digital marketing is all about relevancy and timing. It is about reaching out to customers in a way that will emotionally engage them with your content. If you create a photograph or a video that will inspire, make them laugh or make them look in awe then you have engaging effective content.


Creating effective content via a blog on your website is a free way to engage with your customers.  If you do want to do this though there are a few ground rules;

  1. Make it interesting to your customers and not just you.
  2. Keep it up to date. You need to give people a reason to keep coming back for more.
  3. Write it well. Typo’s and spelling mistakes will not help your cause.
  4. Use pictures and make sure you tag your images with Alt Tags to help your SEO.
Effective Content

Get Creative with your Creative

Share good quality pictures that are bright and captivating and that catch people’s eye. With so much information on so many platforms people simply skim through much of the information.  You need to give them a good thumb stopping image to stop them scrolling.  Where possible don’t limit yourself to one piece of creative. Most platforms now allow you to use multiple images and video, if you can use them.

Content to make people laugh


Why use a still image if you can use video? Moving images that engage sight, sound and in full colour can capture an image more effectively than a single image. Video is taking off in a huge way with Facebook and Instagram leading the way in social media video advertising.

Content Cow Photo Bomb

Call to Action

No creative is complete without some engaging text and a call to action. Tell the customer what you want them to do. Buy Now. Call Now. Book Now. Whatever your objective is make sure you are asking the customer to do just that.


Bad images, shoddy video and badly written ads can be damaging to the health of your business. All ads are a reflection of your business and perception is everything.

Funny happy white horse is laughing against a dark black background.

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