Your Social Media and Digital Marketing Goals

19th May 2017

Know Your Marketing Goals Before You Go Any Further

What are your goals? “To get more customers and make more money obviously!” might be your immediate reply. Ultimately every business wants to be thriving and profitable. Whilst you may want to do a hard sell we must be aware that today’s customers are much more sophisticated. Screaming buy, buy, buy is more likely to have customers turning away than buying from you.

Today’s customers want marketing content from which they can learn and engage.  Customers want to engage with the businesses they spend their money with. In today’s world it is all about the relationship you have with your customer, not about an individual transaction. Tesco’s with their Food Stories advertising campaign is a good example of change in the way customers interact. Shouting about the fact that Chicken is on offer isn’t as effective as showing recipes and connecting customers to their relationship we have with food, will.

Goals for Social Media and Digital Marketing

What Is Your Business and Marketing Goals?

The question of goals is a loaded one and it can provoke different answers depending on what the answer relates to.  If the question is asked about Marketing goals at the highest business level the answer might be;

  • Sales revenue
  • Volume of Products Sold
  • The Share of the market you have in the local area
  • The income return you receive in return for money you invest in advertising and marketing (ROI)
  • Awareness of your company in the local area
  • Number of new customers
  • Increase in the average spend per existing customers
  • Number of people you quote turning into actual sales

Social Media Daily Goals

Each engagement you have on Social Media should also have a goal in mind. Some of these goals may be identical to your main goals but others might feed into the main goals.

  • Create sales calls or email enquiries to your business
  • Promote a particular product
  • Get more people talking about and engaging with your business
  • Promote an event you are hosting in the local area
  • Sell tickets for an event
  • Promote your company by sharing news about an award you have won
Goals for Social Media Digital Marketing

Now you know your marketing goals….

Once you are fully aware of why you are creating an advertising campaign, a Facebook post or even sending out a Tweet on Twitter then you will be in a position, to ensure that you can choose the appropriate social media platform or digital option for it to be successful.

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