Starting Your Social Media and Digital Marketing Journey

18th May 2017

Your Social Media and Digital Marketing Journey starts here…

The one absolute truth for any journey is that you need to know where you are starting from. Every journey, including your Social Media and Digital Advertising journey, has a starting point. Whether you are just starting out or established you to be able to plot your starting point. It’s only then can you set a course for where you want to be.

Your Social Media and Dital Marketing Journey starts here

Social Media and Digital Marketing Pins

To plot you exact point there are a number of factors we need to consider;

  • Is my company new or established?
  • As a new company who are your target audience?
  • If you are an established company what do you know about your current customers?
  • What steps have you taken so far to build an online business profile already?
  • Do you have a website?
  • Have you ever undertaken any digital advertising before?

By getting you to ask yourself questions like these, we will begin to establish your current position.

Plot Social Media and Digital Marketing Starting point decision tree

Together we can establish your current social media and digital marketing position.  We don’t waste your time teaching irrelevant information of things you already know. You don’t have time for that.  You just want to be able to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.  Time is money. By offering bite-sized chunks we have ensured it offers you a cost effective solution as well.  Our training is set up to allow you to work on what you want when you want it and importantly teach you what you want to know.

We can help you establish what you do and don’t know to help you pick and choose the video courses that are most relevant to you. At BitAd Digital, we won’t teach you what we think everyone should know. The core of what we teach is all about you tell us, what you need and want to know.

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